Lady Gaga American Idol 2010:Video On AI

Lady Gaga American Idol 2010:Video On AI – There is no doubt that Lady Gaga is one of the most crowd pleasing show boating performers that is around. It is no surprise that almost every record that she touches turns to gold and sky rockets straight up the charts. Wednesday May 5th proved her dominance with an amazing performance on “American Idol”, needless to say the fans absolutely loved it.

“This is a woman who’s dominating the charts and pushing the pop-culture envelope,” These were the words of Ryan Seacrest as he introduced Lady Gaga to the stage – we will say no more!

Of course, a Lady Gaga act would not be complete without her cast behind her. The showcases include a range of back up dancers, who looked like they had practiced their routine religiously to get it to a state of perfection – it certainly worked. She went ahead to perform the last single from The Fame Monster; “Alejandro”. What got me is when the track slowed down right in the middle for a short section of “Bad Romance” which seemed to work extremely well.

As usual, Lady Gaga even wowed the crowd as she entered the stage, thanks to her over cooked costume. It was a black leather type outfit that looked more suited to a stripper. Of course, the cape did cover up most of it, until she ripped that off half way through the act!

Something that must have had the fans gluing their eyes to is the statue of Virgin Mary, which was tucked away in the corner of the stage, but still had dominance thanks to the flames that were pouring out of it. Smoke continued to poor onto the stage as Lady Gaga sang as well as performing a well rehearsed dance routine. When will her next appearance be, as that was literally a master piece!?

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