Kitchen Nightmares Season 3 Episode 10:Watch Fleming Online S03E10

Kitchen Nightmares Season 3 episode 10
Kitchen Nightmares Season 3 Episode 10:Watch “Fleming” Online S03E10 – Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 10 called Fleming aired last night on FOX. On Friday night on FOX we saw Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares try to restore an old restaurant in Miami that had been on the decline for almost 15 years.Chef Gordon Ramsay wanted to get the restaurant firing again and with carrots, Caesar salads and a lot of greens -but he had people wondering whether or not his plan could actually work. The restaurant was reported to be declining in popularity and the owner of the business said conditions were bad enough to the point where he would have to let the restaurant go if things didn’t improve quickly. The restaurant used to be a very popular place to eat in Miami but as a lot of great restaurants,things didn’t continue that way and the entire business was now at risk.
Thankfully Chef Gordan Ramsay stepped up but very quickly we saw the changes.Gordan tried to speak Danish but apparently the owner and his wife couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying because they are Cubans. The current owners had bought the restaurant eight years ago and since then the name and menu has stayed the same.

Kitchen Nightmares Season 3 episode 10

Andy was somewhat afraid of changing up the menu and disturbing the customers that they already had. Gordan commented “what a disaster” as he removed a fly from his appetizer. The Frikadelle was undercooked and bland and the duck was overcooked. The Cuban Head Chef of Fleming, Orlando was taken back by the restaurant and its conditions. Chef Gordon was ready to leave the restaurant if they continued to serve food in the condition it was in.

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