Kirstie Alley Falls on Dancing With The Stars

Actress Kirstie Alley recovered from an unfortunate tumble in the latest “Dancing With The Stars” segment when her partner, Maksim Shmerkovskiy apparently suffered a muscle cramp or pull and fell dragging Alley to the dance floor with him.

That tumble didn’t dissuade Alley as she and Maksim recovered and pursued with their routine to an astounding finish. The judges applauded the two but the tumble did cost them in points.

Alley’s personal story of triumphs and tragedies was mirrored when front runner dancers Petra Nemcova and Hines Ward also shared life’s adventures of ups and downs.

Stars Chelsea Kane and Kendra Wilkinson also came out on top in the final voting.

This show is not just about dancing nowadays but more of a soap opera where viewers learn a bit about their favorite celebrities and their lives. This makes for more interesting drama as well as humor, pathos, and adventure. This latest installment shows that people like Kirstie are able to roll with the punches and still and on their feet.

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