Kevin Sbraga Top Chef: DC Winner

Kevin Sbraga Top Chef: DC Winner – Last night Kevin Sbraga secured his position as the top chef on “Top Chef: DC.” It was an award that he has been fighting hard all season to earn. “I am?” he asked when he was told that he was the top chef. The judges laughed, saying that he had given them the best reaction that they had ever seen. It was clear that he was not expecting to win, but in the end his cooking won it for him.

He dedicated the victory to his father, sister and friends, saying that they were the ones that helped him become who he is today. He will receive $125,000 in seed money to help him open up his own restaurant, and will also receive a feature in “Food and Wine” magazine. On top of those great prizes, he will also have a showcase at the Annual Food and Wine Classic in Aspen.

Kevin was named the winner of the competition after each finalist was asked to prepare one final four course meal. The first course would be a vegetable course, followed by fish, meat and a dessert.
The judges loved all of the food that he prepared, helping him secure the victory. A number of other regulations were placed on what they could and couldn’t do, and creativity played a huge role in the final episode of “Top Chef: DC.” Kevin was considered to be an underdog throughout the season, and it is nice to see him secure a victory.

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