Keith Olbermann Last Show On MSNBC: Was Keith Fired?

There were quite a few people who were shocked to discover hat Keith Olbermann will be leaving MSNBC after eight years of being on the air. The news originally announced by NBC universal on Friday night, making it official.

The statement revealed that the contract between the network and Olbermann had ended and that they are parting ways. At the end of his most recent showing of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, he revealed the news to audience members who were surprise.

He thanked all of his viewers for keeping him on the air for as long and said that he will always be appreciative of the support from everyone around him for so many years.

He stated on his show that it would be the very last time that the Countdown would air and that he is leaving MSNBC for good without any further details. He also thanked his fans for their support as well as the crew who he has worked with over the years, making the show what he called a complete and utter success.

There is no doubt that Olbermann will be missed dearly because of his reputation and how beloved he is by fans and co-workers alike.
Where do you think the progressive commentator will go, CNN ,ABC or FOX News?

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