Katy Perry SNL Sesame Street Skit

Katy Perry SNL Sesame Street Skit – In the 36th season of “Saturday Night Live” Katy Perry was the musical guest for the premiere episode. She wasted no time in making fun of her recent “Sesame Street” incident. She had been asked to appear on the program during a short segment where she would try to convince Elmo to play with her, and Elmo would refuse. She came under fire after she wore a low cut dress that apparently exposed too much skin for most parents who saw the clip online. Eventually, the clip was completely removed from the show after complaints were raised about the online version and the executives thought it would be best if they did not contribute to the controversy by keeping the clip on their children’s show.

During her “Saturday Night Live” appearance, she wore a low cut Elmo shirt that exposed quite a bit of cleavage – more than she exposed during her appearance on the children’s show. She did not say all that much during her cameo appearance, but made it very clear that she did not approve of being removed from the show due to the clothes that she wore.

It was one of the funniest moments of the night because the moment was so fresh in the minds of the viewers. It is always nice to see someone stand up for themselves or make a statement so quickly after a disagreement happens. By all accounts her dress was far too short on the show, but her content was family friends – she even edited her song to ensure that she was not saying anything that was too racy for her young audience.

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