Katy Perry Sesame Street Ban

Katy Perry Sesame Street Ban – Katy Perry has come under fire for appearing on the children’s famed television show “Sesame Street.” Those who protested her appearance said that the way that she carries herself on a day to day basis makes her inappropriate for children’s television.

She appeared on the PBS show in a clip that was released online wearing a sweetheart cut dress, singing a g-rated version of her song “Hot and Cold” and begging to play with Elmo. The clip made its way online, and parents were upset with her attire on the show. Granted, the dress is appropriate, but also shows quite a bit of skin and accentuates her breasts.

Because of the backlash, “Sesame Street” was forced to yank the segment from the episode and replace it. It was supposed to appear during the premiere episode of the show’s 41st season, but will non be immortalized as an online release only.

Officials for the show said that Perry was included because the show is written for both children and adults in order to help them encourage parents to watch the show with their kids.

In response to to the outrage, they pulled the segment, but said that they had no ill intentions in bringing her onto the show. Perhaps the dress was a bit inappropriate.

Katy Perry too hot for Sesame Street? What say you?

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