Katie Couric Leaving CBS: Announcement Expected

The hour is at hand, or rather is rumored to be at hand as CBS News anchorwoman Katie Couric is expected to announce this week that she’ll be leaving the broadcast.

It’s expected that after Couric returns from the royal wedding of Prince William, she’ll make the announcement and then CBS will announce her successor the following week in May.

Couric has been telling media bigshots like Matt Lauer and Barbara Walters she can’t discuss the situation which leads to the suspense. Couric’s contract with CBS ends on June 1, after five years on the post.

Ratings for the CBS Evening News have been low since Couric took over for Dan Rather who left after questionable reporting on his part during a story regarding former President Bush’s administration. Couric is the first full anchorwoman of the broadcast and having left her highly rated “Today Show” those ratings didn’t follow her to CBS even though her reporting and coverage were quite good.

She can’t blame it on being a woman as ABC News has Diane Sawyer whose ratings are up there as anchorwoman.

Whomever replaces Couric will have to follow the legacy of the late Walter Cronkite whom many consider the reporter who set the mold for all others to follow and none have come close to. Speculators will then watch as CBS announces her replacement but that might not be immediately forthcoming as they may choose another venue such as multiple broadcasters thus giving many deserving journalists a shot.

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