Katie Couric CBS Deal Nixed

Shades of Walter Cronkite!

It appears CBS has done to Katie Couric what it did to the late veteran newsman and anchorman Walter Cronkite in the rumor that Couric’s promise of further involvement with the network after her leaving the anchorperson job has been nixed.

Cronkite is still considered the greatest news broadcaster and most trusted journalist in history and when he departed the desk in the early 1980’s he was promised the options of doing specials, and more news related venues.

That dwindled as Dan Rather took over the post and Cronkite was put way on the back burner with no protests from his colleagues.

Now Couric is in the same boat. It’s reported her negotiations with CBS to do other venues such as a syndicated talk show and other things isn’t going to happen.

Dan Rather won’t be there either as he’d been deposed after an ethical controversy regarding a story about President George W. Bush.

This twist in events is sure to spark more interest in Couric and her next endeavors and perhaps light a fire under her to show her real stuff.

She may now realize the hostile nature of the media she’s been previously a part of.

It would be amazing if Couric joined Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network and broke major story after major story and showed CBS up.

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