Kate Plus 8 Premiere

Kate Plus 8

Kate Plus 8 Premiere – Kate Gosselin and her 8 children are back on the screen! Has it really been only about 2 weeks the last we saw Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars’ finale? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Her abrasive behavior backstage was the topic in the tabloids during her Dancing with the Stars performance.
Tony Dovolani, Kate’s partner on the show stopped complaining about her but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. The Learning Channel will update us on the Gosselins’ at 9 o’clock Sunday night. It’ll be a whole new outlet for folks to sneer and show sympathy. The Gosselin household probably hasn’t changed, but the title of the show has changed to just ‘Kate Plus Eight’.
In the beginning of the new season, Kate will be taking the gang to Orlando’s Discovery Cove for a vacation.

The kids are now 6 years old and it’s their birthday! That’s the latest group, the sextuplets, not the older twin sisters, Cara and Madelyn. Kate has found herself with one less helper before the big trip. How is she to handle that?In the hairstyle news, Kate’s neo-Farrah hairstyle will be changed to a golden Aniston. Kate’s enthusiastic, laughing little ones play around the marine life and no one gets their needed nap time. We can only hope that Kate is able to vent her stress at the dolphins after the kids get pooped out.

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