Kate Gosselin The Bachelorette?

Kate Gosselin The Bachelorette? -Could ABC be trying to lure Kate Gosselin to their network in order to star in the “Bachelorette?”
The President of the network, Steve McPherson said today that he felt that Gosselin “would be great” for the show. He is probably right. She already has a large following, is notoriously single after her ugly split with her husband Jon Gosselin last year, and commands a lot of attention from the media. It would certainly be the most popular season of the show if she were to join the cast, but would successive seasons be able to live up to the one that starred Gosselin after it was all said and done?

“So there’s official interest?,” Seacrest asked him after he made the statement, to which he replied, “Aboslutely.”
Rumors have been flying that Gosselin had been speaking with ABC about starring in a new reality show that would pair her with single fathers. There is no word on whether or not the rumor would be consistent with the offering of the “Bachelorette,” but it appears that the network is very interested in bringing Gosselin on to star in a reality show. Gosselin may be the first person to make a career out of being a reality television star, past a few episodes of their original show.
She has become a hot commodity in recent months, and garners a lot of media attention everywhere she goes. Placing her on the “Bachelorette,” would allow her to be the singular star of the show, which she was not during her recent time spent on “Dancing With The Stars,” even if she commanded the most attention of all of the contestants.

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