Kara DioGuardi Defends Joanna Pacitti

Kara DioGuardi Defends Joanna Pacitti

Kara DioGuardi Defends Joanna Pacitti – The new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi is blasting the critics and is defending Season 8 contestant Joanna Pacitti who is under fire for being an established solo recording artist unlike the other contestants.As you may have heard Joanna had a contract with A&M Records and during that time she recorded an album and had songs featured on the soundtracks for movies like Legally Blonde (“Watch Me Shine”), and Bratz (“Out From Under”).DioGuardi said:

“I do think it’s fair because she’s facing, actually, the same challenges and in some ways more challenges than some of the other contestants.”
“She’s been dropped from a record label, which psychologically puts you in a weird place, right? So, you know, that’s why I think she’s so emotional on the show… She knows what it’s like to actually get a deal and then be dropped, which is actually a terrible thing.”
“I don’t know that she has any more advantage than any of the other contestants ‘cause some of them are as good if not better….Just because someone was signed – the fight begins after you’ve been signed. You know, you’ve gotta find the great song, you’ve gotta find a great production, you have to have a great look and image and you know all these things that come into making a hit artist.”

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