Kara DioGuardi American Idol Departure

Kara DioGuardi American Idol Departure – Kara Dioguardi has officially quit American Idol. The announcement comes less than two months after false rumors had stated that she had been fired from the show. Other rumors have stated that there has been tension between DioGuardi and a number of the executives, and this seems to confirm those specualtion. In her statement, she said that she felt like she had won the lottery when she was first invited to be on the program, but that she felt like now would be the best time for her to leave her position.

She joined the show in 2008, becoming the fourth judge on the program. At the time, it was expected that they were prepping her for the departure of Simon Cowell. With the upcoming season being the program’s first without Cowell, it now appears that she was not brought in to be his replacement.
She thanked Fox, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment for giving her a chance to appear on the popular program.

“I look forward to my next challenge, and want to thank everyone who has supported me. All the best to everyone on Season 10!” she said.

Both Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres left after last season. DeGeneres’ departure came as a surprise to many. In her announcement she said that she was having a tough time keeping up with her own ventures and the demanding American Idol work schedule. Kara DioGuardi gave no clues as to why she is leaving American Idol.

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