Kanye West On Jay Leno Show Video

Kanye West On Jay Leno Show Video

Kanye West On Jay Leno Show Video – Kanye West sat down with Jay Leno on the premiere of “The Jay Leno Show,” on NBC on Monday night where he apologized for the third time for upstaging Taylor Swift last night at the VMAs on Sunday.” Here is the entire interview.

JAY LENO: Have a seat, my friend. First of all, let me say thank you for honoring this commitment. A lot of times, people — things happen. They kind of back out at the last minute, or they have a publicist or someone call and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, my client’s not available.” So thank you for coming and doing this, in light of all the things that have been going on.
Tell me about your day. Have you had a tough day today?

KANYE WEST: Yeah, it’s been extremely difficult. I just — just dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or took anything away, you know, from a talented artist or from anyone, because I only wanted to help people. My entire life, I’ve only wanted to give and do something that I felt was right. And I immediately knew in the situation that it was wrong, and it wasn’t a spectacle or just — you know, it’s actually someone’s emotions, you know, that I stepped on. And it was very — it was just — it was rude, period. And, you know, I’d like to be able to apologize to her in person. And I wanted to –

JAY LENO: So when did you know you were wrong? Was it afterwards? as you were doing it? When did it strike you, “Uh-oh”?
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KANYE WEST: As soon as I gave the mic back to her and she didn’t keep going.

JAY LENO: Let me ask you something. I was fortunate enough to meet your mom and talk with your mom a number of years ago. What do you think she would have said about this? Would she be disappointed in this?Would she give you a lecture?

KANYE WEST: (Pauses for 20 seconds, looks like he’s going to cry) Yeah. You know, obviously, you know, I deal with hurt. And, you know, so many celebrities, they never take the time off. I’ve never taken the time off to really — you know, just music after music and tour after tour. I’m just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else’s hurt. My dream of what awards shows are supposed to be, ’cause — and I don’t try to justify it because I was just in the wrong. That’s period. But I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyze how I’m going to make it through the rest of this life, how I’m going to improve. Because I am a celebrity, and that’s something I have to deal with. And if there’s anything I could do to help Taylor in the future or help anyone, I’d like — you know, I want to live this thing. It’s hard sometimes, so –

JAY LENO: Thanks for coming here, and thanks for doing that.

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