Justin Timberlake goes Gay for The Cleveland Show

Justin Timberlake goes Gay for The Cleveland Show – The Cleveland Show has a very special guest star, and a very special role for him as well. Justin Timberlake will voice a gay character on the Cleveland Show, the Family Guy spinoff shown on Fox.

The 29 year old entertainer whose music is played in gay clubs worldwide, will voice a gay character that falls in love with Terry Kimple, who works with Cleveland.

In a week where the ban on gay marriages was overturned by a federal judge, it looks as if the minds and hearts of Americans may slowly be warming up to gay and lesbian relationships, after these people received years of discrimination and a long, hard battle to be recognized as equals.

The upcoming episode was mentioned by Co-creator Rich Appel during a San Diego comic convention. The convention is a four day long science fiction, fantasy and animation celebration.

“Terry falls in love with a guy voiced by Justin,” Appel said.

“Justin is just hysterical,” he added.

Timberlake found his fame in the boy group N*Sync, which had a gay member Lance Bass. Since his time in the group, he has found himself a world class star and performer, both in the pop music charts and in movies, this his next film The Social Network coming out in cinemas in October and his last film, Bad Teacher, acting opposite Cameron Diaz.

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