Justin Timberlake American Idol Judge?

Justin Timberlake American Idol Judge? – As part of a shake up on American Idol, producers are trying to get huge stars like Justin Timberlake on board as replacements for super judge Simon Cowell it is reported. The source also claims that nasty Nigel Lythgoe is set to return as the shows executive producer. The famous producer was behind the first seven season of American Idol and was also known as the nasty judge on Pop Idol when it was first released in the UK. Whether or not these are simply rumours it is unclear. Cowell left the show after seven seasons this year.
Other rumours have been spreading like wild fire about producers not only finding a replacement for Cowell, but also intending to replace the entire judging panel. This could go either way.

It could either give the show a fresh lease of life, or it could completely destroy it and be its downfall. It is going to be impossible to find somebody fierce enough to fill Cowell’s boots, but Elton John in particular could definitely bring a lot to the show.
It is still not clear what direction the show is going to go in, but it is said that producers are in talks about what to do in terms of the judging panel. It is expected that more information will be revealed throughout the coming weeks. However, many people will be hoping that the rumours of the judging panel being replaced are untrue as this is one of the things that makes American Idol what it is. Too much change is never a wise move.

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