Justin Bieber Shot On CSI Season 11 Episode 15: Targets Of Obsessions S11E15

CSI Season 11 Episode 15 called “Targets of Obsessions” which featured Justin Bieber, was directed by Alec Smight and written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson aired last night on CBS.

This installment featured the return of heartthrob singer Justin Bieber who reprised his world as Jason McCann a brilliantly insane genius who spent his time creating bombs and all sorts of gadgets to torture people.

Biebs’ story line was cut short (seeing that he was rumored to be doing several episodes) when CSI investigators Lou, Catherine, Nick teamed up with the bomb squad and decided to track him down and eventually gun him down.

The sub plot dealt with the return of Bill Irwin who took on the role of Nate Haskell once again.

Unlike McCann who was blown to pieces, Haskell was luckier and found a way to take someone’s else place during his trial and escape with ease.
Here is the recap of the episode:

While Langston testifies against Nate Haskell, Nick is warned by a call from Jason McCann that he is in danger, but cannot tell him who or why without putting him self in even more danger.. Justin Bieber reprises his role as Jason McCann. The team gets trapped in a rigged warehouse, and the bomb is disarmed. However a secondary bomb goes off. Realizing it was set by McCann, the CSIs chase him down, and are forced to kill him in self defense. Nate Haskell escapes.

Overall it was a pretty average episode where the two storylines fell flat.

The installment was more or less a filler episode used to get rid of Bieber’s character because he was unable to bringing something interesting to show.
What are your thoughts on this episode?

Will you miss Justin Bieber’s creepy character?

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