Justin Bieber CSI Return

It looks like teen singing sensation is making his mark on more than just the musical world—he’s also proving that he can act.

It seems to be working as well, considering that Bieber is now filming his second guest spot on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and will be reprising the role he had in the first episode that he starred in.

The television station that airs “CSI”, CBS, recently announced on Tuesday that Justin Bieber would be making his way back on to the show.

He will be playing the same role he did before, of Jason McCann, a teenage boy who saw his brother killed by the forensic team on CSI at the end of his previous episode. Bieber’s first time on “CSI” took place on September 23, 2010, and was the 12th season premiere of the show.

The latest episode to feature Bieber will be called “Targets of Obsession” and is so far set to air on February 17, 2011. There has been no news about Bieber’s role, and what the plot line of the episode will be.

The teen singer has also been nominated for two Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist, which will be shown on CBS on February 13.

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