Justified Season 1 Episode 8:Watch Blowback Online S01E08

Justified  Episode 8

Justified Season 1 Episode 8:Watch Blowback Online S01E08 – Justified episode 8 called “Blowback” was broadcast on FX last night. This week’s episode showed a sudden burst of energy from the producers – maybe they feel like their fan base is dropping and needed a bombshell to get them back on board.

The episode quickly gets into full swing after Raylan’s chain reaction leads to Bo Crowder being released earlier than anticipated.

Chief Mullen had some wise words of warning to Bo, but of course, they were quickly ignored. Bo had a great chance anyway with a witness to a shooting on his side. Of course, he jeopardizes the chances of the witness actually testifying after treating them fairly nastily.

Raylan will still face an uphill struggle as the legal issued finally start to catch up with him, but somehow he has managed to get Boyd free in the end.

Of course, we all know that eventually Raylan will be put down, as he has literally ruined Lexington since arriving. For a start he killed Thomas Buckley and came close to doing the same to Dewey Crowe.

That is not all thought; he has risked and killed several criminals. In fact, he solved a hostage situation himself, but the criminal was shot dead. In a similar case, he actually shot the criminal himself. That being said, he has done some good as he unravels various plots such as suicides and hostage situations.

It seems each episode that goes by focuses more and more on Raylan, so the producers are obviously trying to create some kind of mystery behind his character. Maybe all his instances of right and wrong will catch up on him, or maybe they are looking for Raylan to put his huge stamp on Lexington with one last activity?

What ever the case may be, we can be sure that it is coming soon. Maybe the big plot line is actually nothing to do with Raylan and that is just there to distract us.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Justified episode 8.

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