Julie Chen Casey Anthony Verdict Emotion

The emotional verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial has been felt and displayed by people in the media all over.

Of note was “The Talk” host Julie Chen who was seen very shaken after hearing the verdict. Chen was on the air and had to compose herself while trying to read the verdict. Her emotional disturbance was restrained but clearly visible. She even asked her co-hosts for assistance.

The video Julie Chen reading the verdict is online and she’s not the only broadcaster who is peeved.

Nancy Grace the lawyer turned television reporter spoke out emotionally about the verdict as well. Her tirade invoked an air that said “ Somewhere out there, the Devil is dancing tonight.”

This goes to show how volatile this one particular murder trial was. Of three years people pointed the blame at Casey Anthony the mother and passed judgment on her based on her conversations and behavior instead of the facts discovered by detectives.

Far too many media people just tossed in their own opinions in probably the worst case of irresponsible journalism since the early 1900s.

Not only is the legal system going to get taken to the woodshed over this trial but the media, so-called journalists are going to be looking for work as their abilities to be objective went out the window and on top of that displayed it on the air.

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