Judge Judy Hospitalized

Order in the court!
Well more like, “Ambulance in the court!” as popular daytime TV personality Judge Judy had to be rushed to a hospital.

She was doing one of her shows where she yells at people in the courtroom and dishes out justice when she suddenly started talking incoherently. She stated she didn’t feel well and then someone on the show called 911 and was taken to a Los Angeles hospital but will be out by Thursday.

Judge Judy Sheindlin has been on the air for several years and is one of if not the most popular daytime show on the air even eclipsing Oprah.

Sheindlin is known throughout the world as “Judge Judy” and she likes to “lay down the law” in a tough and often irreverent manner that draws millions to watch her each day as she takes on people with any number of bizarre court cases.

Some watch her show to see what the courts are like and some watch because they can’t stand her. In any case, no pun intended, when someone suffers a mishap it’s good that they had the where-with-all to get in there and get help immediately.

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