Jon Stewart Most Influential Man Of 2010: AskMen

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Most Influential Man Of 2010: AskMen – According to a recent poll conducted by, Daily Show host Jon Stewart has been voted the most influential man. He beat the likes of politicians, singers, authors, and other famous men, with more than half a million people voting for him. The top five were Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Kanye West. Yes, Kanye West. Apparently, the Daily Show is the most trusted source of information, and the host is the most trusted man in America.

Stewart set up a Rally to Restore Sanity earlier this month and it is going to take place in Washington DC on Saturday. More than one hundred thousand people are expected to durn up for the event, and there is also set to be a satellite rally in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, President Obama was much further down the list of influential men, landing at number twenty one.

There were many other famous names in the list, including rapper Jay-Z, actor George Clooney, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Russell Brand. A very diverse mixture indeed. Apparently, these are the men that will be remembered as having defined two thousand and ten. Ok, Steve Jobs, sure, without him the world would be a very sad place, Bill Gates, again, where would we be without him. But Kanye West? Really? All he seems to have done this year is caused trouble for himself and also there was the famous storming of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. And that makes him influential? OK then.

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