Jon Klein Fired – Ken Jautz New CNN President

Jon Klein Fired

Jon Klein Fired – Ken Jautz New CNN President – CNN President Jon Klein will be leaving the network and will reportedly be replaced by the HLN head Ken Jautz. Klein was reportedly fired following an unsuccessful revamping of the primetime hours at the network that has been struggling to keep up with other news networks. The makeover included an Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker show that will debut at 8 PM and Piers Morgan replacing Larry King at 9 PM.

Klein had always advocated that the network remain a straight laced news network, even when other networks found success with opinion shows. Klein was unable to increase the network’s ratings, and some of the most recent moves he made appeared to be a bit desperate to change the direction that the company was heading.

He has continually turned the attention toward the profitability of their other programming that is outside of primetime as an example of what he is capable of, but it appears that his lack of ingenuity in the primetime slots was ultimately his downfall at CNN.

The company praised him, saying that he was a hard worker that was very creative, but also said that they were ultimately looking to move in a different direction in hopes that they could pick their ratings up.
By bringing in Ken Jautz they will bring in an experienced member of the HLN team who has had a lot of success with fixing rating problems in the past. It will be interesting to see if Jautz has more success in the primetime timeslots than Klein did.

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