Jon Hamm On Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 05 With Rihanna

Saturday Night Live – Season 36, Episode 05 – “Jon Hamm/Rihanna” aired last night on NBC.
This weekend Jon Hamm was the host of SNL/Saturday Night Live with R&B/pop singer Rihanna as musical guest.

The Mad Men actor has a habit of delivering some very solid sketches so we were eager to see if he would be as good as the previous installments.

Here is a brief recap of the episode:
Cold Open: Vice Presidential Address
Another political cold open where Sudeikis’ Biden told Americans time they need to act like the 33 Chilean miners and be more grateful.

This was not that brilliant.

Monologue: Jon Hamm
This was Jon Hamm’s worst monologue ever, it was a very unoriginal and unfunny idea to have the actor come up with endless ad campaigns.

Digital Short Ronnie & Clyde :
Rhianna and Andy got back into their old roles of a singing diva and a scared dude who goe out to rob a bank with Shy Ronnie who so afraid that he ends up shooting himself.
It was not as good as the first skit the pair did together , but it was pretty decent.

Vincent Price’s Halloween Special:
This was a raunchy yet funny sketch where Hamm’s JFK and a drug up Judy Garland had a field day playing with words to talk about sexual positions.

Audition Room:

Continuing on with the atrocious sketches – in this one we watched Wiig playing an actress who would do anything and everything except wear a costume in order to land a role.

Musical Guest: Rihanna who performed her new singles called What’s My Name? & Only Girl In the World off her upcoming CD Loud did a pretty decent job.It seems that everyone is copying Kanye West’s lit stage idea.Weekend Update:
As we have stated previously – Seth needs some new material because that is going from bad to worst.

Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig are cute but their sketch is outdated.

I Didn’t Ask For This:
Another weak piece about people who end up on the internet after horrible things happened to them.
But the fact that Don Draper’s crying got auto-tuned made it worth while.

Highway Cops:

This was supposed to be about two highway patrolmen who can never make it to a crime scenes because they were busy picking apples and swimming in rivers – but we have no idea why at some point they started kissing?!
But Kenan Thompson who played a police chief was pretty funny talking to a picture.

Barney & Dolly:
This was a cheap sketch about two entertainers played by Hamm and Wigg who were unable of really entertain.

Dog in Purse:

The last skit was an animated one where David Spade voiced a dog in Paris Hilton’s bag.
The pet talked about being a male while his owner dresses him up in pink, he also revealed that he often hits the Hollywood scene and gets to see some hot stars like Jessica Alba.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Jon Hamm On SNL.

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