Jon Hamm/Michael Buble On SNL:Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 14 Watch S35E14


Jon Hamm/Michael Buble On SNL:Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 14 Watch S35E14 – Jon Hamm had hosting duties on SNL/”Saturday Night Live” this weekend again with Michael Bublé as musical guest.SNL which appeared to be already having difficulties finding hosts,made a wise decision on calling Hamm back even though we saw him at the show’s last season finale.Here is a recap of the episode.

Cold Open: State of the Union Address – Saturday Night Live went back to the political stuff with president Obama played by Fred Armisen spent his time mostly talking about how dirty the White House was when he took office.Adding footage from the actual State of the Union address and the Golden Globes was a nice touch.B- for this one.
Monologue: Jon Hamm – Hamm talked about the different roles he had on TV before Mad Men ,but we rapidly discovered that he was always Don Draper in the other shows,playing a teenager,a black comedian and a salesman on QVC.It had some interesting materials,so we will give it a B+.
Don’t Make Me Sing: In this sketch which included Ham, Kristen Wiig in some 1920s dinner party coined a catch phrase “Don’t make me sing,” about 20 times even though she was never asked to sing.The dancing cats were brilliant.An A for this skit.

SNL Digital Short: Sergio Curse It – It had the sax player from The Lost Boys movie,Hamm with no shirt making a businessman played by Andy Samberg life miserable by ruining all of his special moments.It was mostly weird,so we will give it a B-.
Daydreaming of Senator Scott Brown : In this sketch Hamm playing Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown (who has a nude Cosmo centerfold), had some weird effect on Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, Barbara Boxer, and Barney Frank.Brown ended telling Speaker Pelosi, “I want to introduce something to the floor. It’s called … your panties,” and to Congressman Frank, “You worried about a filibuster? ‘Cause I’m about to filibust out of these jean shorts.”
Musical Guest : Michael Bublé performed “Haven’t Met You Yet,” which was annoying he also sang “Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)” with Sharon Jones which was a bit more entertaining.
Weekend Update – Seth was great as always taking on Nadya Suleman,explaining that Al Gore was disappointed to find out that Osama bin Laden shared his views on climate change.Snooki looking like a Cheeto made an appearance.An A for this one.
Gametime with Randy & Greg : One of the funniest skits of the evening with Bill Hader playing an alien who kept on multiplying.This deserved an A.
Hamm & Bublé – This sketch was inevitable,welcome to the Hamm & Bublé restaurant where you eat pork and drink wine all mix together while Bublé who was being held captive entertain you.A+.
Zipco Closet Organizer – Another weird ad,where Will Forte playing a blue guy in a closet, getting papers, feathers, dirt and cheese thrown at him.C
Typewriting Court Stenographer – Fred Armisen found a catch phrase as a stenographer in a trial who used a typewriter and kept saying “I can’t find my crackers.” F for this awful skit.
Return of Closet Organizer – Hamm played an Israeli who met the Zipco Closet Organizer at a bar and talked about the ad.A B for this one.
American Enterprise : Barnes & Noble – This one was useless.
Overall it was a very solid episode of SNL thanks to Hamm and Hader.The writers seem to be back from their intellectual vacation and providing the comedians with some hard hitting lines.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 14.

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