Jon And Kate Twisted Fate:Jon And Kate May 29

Jon And Kate Twisted Fate:Jon And Kate May 29

Jon And Kate Twisted Fate:Jon And Kate May 29 – “Jon and Kate:Twisted Fate” was a special that aired on E! this evening showcasing the drama that the couple and their 8 kids are facing at the moment.There was no big revelation on the show ,so here is a brief recap of “on and Kate: Twisted Fate”.

* -Kate grew up poor in trailer park, middle child of 5 kids.
* -Jon’s boss says Jon was put on a $5 a day budget after the sextuplets were born.
* -Family has full time help for kids
* -Chill Lounge workers cite Jon as a regular. Deanna and Jon met there after sending tequila shots back and forth.
* -Jon promised Deanna’s brother, Jason, tickets to baseball games.
* -After the two came in late one night, he heard “psychologically disturbing” noises.
* -Jason’s advice: “If you’re gonna do it, be good about doin’ it. Be a little more sneaky.”
* -They make $50-75,000 per episode, along with freebies from local grocery stores and clothes.
* -Former neighbor calls Kate the “glue” of it all, the “brains” behind the operation.
* -Kate tans twice a month.
* -Former neighbor accuses Kate of not waving back to her.
* -Reports say Kate is rude at Starbucks and no one is allowed to talk to her when she gets her nails done.
* -Former nurse claims the family went through 40 nannies in 3 months.
* -Kate’s bodyguard, Steve, is married and been to all 50 of Kate’s appearances this year with her.
* -Steve’s wife denied that her husband is having an affair with Kate.
* -Kate has suggested ways for Jon to be happy, part-time job, volunteering, going back to school, but none worked and she doesn’t know what to do.
* -Everyone who knows the family says they are dedicated to doing the show.

That’s all we have for now on Jon And Kate Twisted Fate:Jon And Kate May 29.

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