Jon And Kate Plus 8 Season 5

Jon And Kate Plus 8 Season 5

Jon And Kate Plus 8 Season 5 – Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season 5 will be on TLC if Kate has her way.Kate has revealed that she really wants to be part of season 5 of the show, but Jon is not too sure about it.Here is the transcript of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 4 finale that aired moments ago:

It ends with Jon saying “Maybe there will be a season 5, maybe there won’t”.
Producer: How has this past year been for the two of you?
Kate: Yeah-
Jon: Awful
Kate: It’s been wonderful, exhausting, exciting, you never know what’s around the corner. A lot of changes. Where we live is different, we’ve been to many places, the kids have grown a year older… ready for season 5 we think
(Jon throws his head back and sighs)
Kate: It’s a lot of work. It’s the best thing and it’s the hardest thing, I think that has ever happened, our show in general. But…
Jon: I guess my prob- I don’t know how to word it.
Kate: I feel like, personally, I have the ideal job. I’m loving what I’m doing at this time. But it has gone through phases for all of us.
Jon: I mean I don’t-
Kate: Jon feels frustrated.
Jon: So…
Kate: But you’re working from home and I feel that’s the greatest thing in the world.
Jon: She does, but that’s not me. So it’s like a conflict, and it sticks with you. I mean we have-
Kate: It’s not like-
Jon: to live in the public now.
Kate: It’s not like going to work and coming home. It’s just everyone knows who you are, but we go through phases and some of us go through more difficult times at times than others. I think I’m handling it better, whereas Jon’s going through a thing where he’s having a difficult time with everyone knowing us.
Jon: I don’t know, I’m happy that our show is popular, or whatever it is. Um, but it’s hard being on this side of the camera.
Kate: Mmhmm.
Jon: I mean, not just sitting here, that’s the easy part. It’s going out in the world and trying to live your life, and people see your life as episodes, and you see it as a date on the calendar, and it’s just, we don’t have privacy at all. If I go out, people know I go out, and photograph it, and do everything that they have to do to do something about it. But that’s tough for me. I can’t be Jon, I have to be “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, which is a real hard thing for me. And I still haven’t come to grips with that yet.
Kate: I think recently, I think the thing you are currently struggling with is the fact that we can now never go back. We’re kind of at an odd place.
Jon: I don’t know. I don’t know-
Kate: So we have some ironing (makes ironing motion to try to lighten the tension) to do.
Jon: I mean…
Kate: We’re gonna take our little break and you know-
Jon: Maybe we’ll be back, maybe we won’t (shrugs)
Kate: I don’t know. We’re working on it.
Jon: It’s tough (shrugs again)
Kate: I’m loving what we’re doing, so we just have to figure it out.
Jon: It’s really difficult, for me, on my end.
Kate: And I’m very happy.
Jon: So there you go, there’s your conflict (both smile awkwardly).
They say goodbye to season 4, and try to change the subject about demolishing their fake set. They sign the walls, and it ends.

That’s all we have for now on Jon And Kate Plus 8 Season 5.

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