Joe Finley Sues Hotel Hobos

The TV show Americas Got Talent has seen a twist in one of its former contestants who met with tragedy last year when his wife was found murdered in a Los Angeles hotel.

Joe Finley has filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles hotel claiming that the hotel’s lack of security allowed for what he believes is a homeless person or persons to enter the building and murder his wife last year.

He feels that the hotel is responsible for his wife’s death. Her body was found in the staircase of the hotel in October 2010.

The hotel in question is the Biltmore that Finley claims was aware of the problem regarding transients that frequented the premises and were routinely involved in assaults and thefts at the hotel.

Finley’s lawyer points out that “The tragic death of Laura Finley was preventable and the Biltmore failed to provide basic security measures and precautions.”, according to TMZ.

Sean Macias the lawyer went on to say, “There has been prior serious criminal incidents at the hotel. They were understaffed with security and they had construction on first and second floors where uninvited transients and third parties were staying.”

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