Joe Cerniglia Dead – Chef Body Found

Joe Cerniglia Dead – Chef Body Found – The body of the 39 year old reality television chef, Joseph Cerniglia, from New Jersey, was found floating in the Hudson River. He had been a participant on Chef Gordon Ramsey’s show “Kitchen Nightmares,” and was working toward making his restaurant better.

He owned Campania, an Italian restaurant that was located in Fair Lawn, NJ. He was taken out of the river around three in the afternoon after police responded to a call that a body had been spotted floating in the river.

It is still not clear how he wound up floating down the river. The authorities has stated that they will be conducting an investigation into his death. He had appeared on the popular reality show in 2007, and Ramsey had helped him to revive his restaurant, which was deep in debt at the time.

He had had problems making his restaurant profitable, while continuing to provide customers with an excellent dining experience. It is not clear if he was able to get out of debt or not. The cause of his death has not yet been determined. While he could have drowned, everything seems to point toward foul play at this time.
After Ramsey helped him to get the restaurant back on his feet, he reported back by saying that his customers were happy with the changes that had been made and that he had the costs under control.

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