Jimmy Kimmel’s Johnnie Cochran Emmys Joke Sparks Reactions

Jimmy Kimmel Johnnie Cochran

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, got in trouble on Sunday night for delivering a controversial joke about the late Johnnie Cochran, a lawyer, who defended O. J. Simpson in his criminal case.

Kimmel made the remarks after Courtney B. Vance won an Emmy for his performance in the series The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Here is what got the comedian in trouble:

“I have to believe that Johnnie Cochran is somewhere smiling up at us tonight. Too soon?”

It appears that Kimmel implied that Cochran, who died in 2005, is in hell for successfully defending Simpson in the murder case.

Some saw the joke as funny, while others believe it had racial undertone because Cochran just did what lawyers are supposed to do, defend their clients. A few people on social media are even demanding an apology or for Kimmel to get fired.

Kimmel’s defenders say that this country has become too politically correct, and people get easily offended, and the TV host is just a comedian doing his job.

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