Jimmy Fallon Emmys 2010 Opening Number

Jimmy Fallon Emmys 2010 Opening Number – It seems that people are divided on how well Jimmy Fallon did as host of the Emmys. Some really liked the performance that he gave and said that he was able to navigate from one award to another about as smoothly as anyone ever has. Others have claimed that they did not think that he was entertaining, and that his hosting skills are bland. However, it appears that a vast majority of people seem to enjoy the job that he did, and some have even asked that the Emmys extend his contract.

He made fun of his own network while hosting, but did so in a lighthearted way. Fallon’s brand of humor has been hit or miss with many people throughout his career, but it looks like he has found a good balance of giving the crowd his own type of humor, but presenting it in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.

Fallon said that at times he does get star struck hosting his own talk show. He also said that there are people that he never in his life expected he would be able to talk to, and that he is going to have a tough time controlling his own emotions at the Oscar’s. While o the Red carpet, Fallon ran up to the kids who star on the television show “Modern Family,” and told them what a big fan he was of their show. It is nice to see that someone within the industry has an ego that is not too big and can still supports others while still being a fan of the business they partake in.

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