Jimmie Johnson Survivor 21: Nicaragua Cast

Jimmie Johnson Survivor 21: Nicaragua Cast – Jimmy Johnson is no stranger to being a tough man, being the former Canes (and Dolphins) coach who led his teams through some extremely physical and tough training sessions over the years.

Now, Johnson, 67 is going to be involved in one of his most extreme and toughest challenge, as he is a cast member on the 21st series of Survivor, “Survivor 21: Nicaragua”.

He had some troubles on the first episode, where the team he was leading failed to win the challenge asked of them, which included buckets of water through gutters. While the fame he has will make him a target to be voted off, he survived the first round despite leading his team to a first up loss.

According to Zach Thomas, who played under Thomas and is now a coach himself, “I think he’ll do a great job. He’s definitely a survivor himself,” Thomas said. “And I know mentally, he was a psychology major [at University of Arkansas], right? He’ll be fine. I think he’s got a good shot.”

Over the years, Johnson gave his teams some very tough training sessions, and some ex-players, including Thomas, would like to see how tough Johnson is.

“I’d like to see how much pain he can take,” Thomas said, laughing.

“I’ve heard those speeches he gave when we were going through tough camps. Well, let’s see if he can back it up. It’ll be fun, though. I’m cheering for him. Love the guy.”

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