Jill Biden in Army Wives

Jill Biden in Army Wives – An acting debut was on the cards for the Second Lady Jill Biden as she attempted to raise awareness for the families of military men and their lives. Her debut was on the show for Lifetime, ‘Army Wives’.

Biden found is impossible to pass up this offer, describing it as “an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

“I felt that I could get out the message to so many people on this show because so many people watch it,” Biden told “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts. “I wish every American could just take a moment and reflect on what our soldiers are doing because they’re over there… They’re putting their lives at risk. And I just think we need to take a moment and say ‘thank you’ to a military family.”

With many people still opposing the wars America is involved, and wanting the troops out of a war which divided a country, the families of America’s soldiers are often forgotten about in all the arguments for and against.

Beau Biden, her son, serves in the Delaware National Guard. He has served a year of service in Iraq, returning last year.

“The important thing is to realize you’re not alone,” Biden tells the gathered military wives, after listening to some grievances. “And when you need help, say so.”

The worry and daily fears of many families are too often realised, and with their spouses being so far away, a feeling of isolation and loneliness is something all to common for them.

The episode of “Army Wives” featuring Biden aired Aug. 8 on the Lifetime Network.

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