Jessica Simpson Project Runway Fashion Week 2010

Jessica Simpson Project Runway Fashion Week 2010 – Jessica Simpson is kicking off Fashion Week with an appearance on Project Runway. She will appear on the finale of the show, and was a recently announced as the surprise guest judge. She appeared wearing a shimmering black mini dress, and sat alongside the normal judges of the event.

She spent her time on the show evaluating the designs of those that appeared on the show last. With only six of the episodes aired so far, it will be about a month before fans are able to see her on “Project Runway.” Simpson looked great with her hair pulled tightly back.

It will be interesting to see how in line with the regular judges Simpson’s taste in fashion is. She has made numerous attempts to get into the fashion world before, but has been largely unsuccessful in most of her ventures. With a new perfume on the way, the show served as the perfect place for Simpson to promote her upcoming line.

Andy, April, Casanova, Christopher, Michael C. and Michael D. also shared their lines as well, which were sported by the contestants on the runway. With a new contestant eliminated each week, it will be interesting to see which contestants Simpson will be judging for the final episode.

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