Jesse Eisenberg/Nicki Minaj On Saturday Night Live/SNL Season 36 Episode 13

Saturday Night Live/SNL Season 36, Episode 13 which was hosted by Jesse Eisenberg and featured rap sensation Nicki Minaj aired this evening on NBC.

This week we had a very interesting installment of SNL where the real-life Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed Jesse Eisenberg who played him in “The Social Network” that he can have Oscar dreams too. Minaj also showed her acting skills by taking on the role of a freaky bride.

Here is the recap of the episode:

Cold Open: Michele Bachmann Cold Open
In case you missed Michelle Bachmann’s second response to President Obama’s Sate of The Union that aired only on CNN, last night you were treated to real introduction to the Tea Party and their believes.

Bachmann’s real speech was funny too bad the writers were not able to make the skit as good as the original.
However we loved the charts and the horse scene.

Jesse Eisenberg Monologue:
Believe it or not the skit was all about Mark Zuckerberg pushing his company after confronting Jesse Eisenberg who played him in ‘The Social Network’ and Andy Samberg who played him on SNL.
Despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg looked awkward most of the skit – you have to admit it was a funny TV moment.


This faux commercial dealt with men who wanted to have a sex change and who were using to latest drug in town Estro-maxx, a once-a-day pill that makes the transformation a bit easier.

Mister Wizard:
This is probably one of the most hilarious skits of the night where a science experiment got really sexual after two of the students start experimenting on their own with balloons.

Herb Welch:
We have seen this one before – but we have to admit it never gets old.
Veteran reporter Herb Welch who was celebrating his 58th year on the job covered a major drug bust at a prestigious New York college where he made the students eat the mic and made few racist commits.

Weekend Update: Tyler Perry

Seth talked to the very wealthy filmmaker Tyler Perry who weighed in on this year’s Oscar nominations and all of the white people problems that Hollywood loves to focus on.

Update Favorites: 1/29/11

SNL’s funnyman Seth Meyers talked about this week’s headlines which included the upcoming Super Bowl with no cheerleaders, old racists drivers and the state of Egypt’s government.

Weekend Update: Hosni Mubarak
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stopped by Weekend Update to address the current state of Egypt and explained that he will be forming a new government using the ministers he fired yesterday.

Bride of Blackenstein

This was most likely the best piece of the night where watch a brief movie called ‘Bride of Blackenstein.’ played by Minaj revealed that you have to pay a lot for a big booty especially when her brain belonged to DMV employee and her mouth belonged to a “ho that didn’t know her place.”

MTV Skins:

The producer behind the controversial MTV show Skins who found a way to get new income after some sponsors pulled their advertisements from the show.

Nicki Minaj performed two hit songs of her platinum selling CD Pink Friday wearing funny costumes and big, very big hair.
“Moment 4 Life”

“Right Thru Me”Spa Talk:
This pretty decent skit showed that no matter the amount of turtle poo you apply on your client’s face, you can not be sure they will be able to relax nor convince them to stop living in a stressful environment.

El Shrinko:

This hilarious skit focused on two friends lying to women about the fact that their penises were too large so they used El Shrinko to shrink it.

Overall it was a very good episode of SNL,let us hope the writers keep it up.

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