Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 1 On MTV: Back To The Shore S03E01

Jersey Shore season 3 episode 1 called “Back to the Shore” premiered MTV last night and for the fans of the show – the over-tanned pals have left sunny Miami where they created an impressive amount of damage and are now back to Seaside Heights.

We had another exciting episode of Jersey Shore where we were introduced to the new cast member – Deena. M who is Snooki’s BFF and who is replacing Angelina who was kicked out of the reality series again.

This first installment was mainly about Deena who had two overjoyed parents about the fact that she was going to play a slut on a TV show.
On day one Miss Deena had the brilliant idea of stripping completely naked for Mike which was apparently too much for Sammi to bare.

Sammi who quickly understood that the newcomer was out to sleep with every man in the house decided to give her the beat down of her life.

But to Sammi’s surprise the new roommate was not going to take the beating laying down, she fought back and made it known that she was there to stay.
After the nasty brawl Deena explained:

“I felt the need, that I had to stand up for myself.I felt like, ‘You know, what? I’m not going anywhere, I’m not leaving early. I’m here to stay — get out of here!’ So that’s what I did. I just put my foot down and was like, ‘Don’t laugh at me. Get real!’ ”

Are you happy that the show is back?

Do you find that Deena went to far by exposing her private parts to the situation who did not even want to sleep with her?

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