Jersey Shore Season 3 Confirmed:200 Percent Pay Raise for Cast

Jersey Shore Season 3 Confirmed:200 Percent Pay Raise for Cast – The cast of “Jersey Shore” are no strangers to contract negotiations. After the first season of their show became a cult hit for its fist pumping action, many of the cast members held out in hopes that they could get paid more. Now, after what appears to be a successful Season 2 launch , they are already close to completing negotiations for Season 3, where they will earn more than 200% more than they did this season.

Currently, they are earning $10,000 per episode, and reportedly the cast would like to earn $30,000 per episode. The network was reluctant to do it last season, probably because they were afraid that the show would turn out to be a “one season wonder.” Now, after a successful second season debut looks to be in order, the network might have a little more confidence in the show.
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has already reportedly inked a deal, although no contract details have been released at this time. The rest of the cast will likely follow suit. They have consistently seen their pay go up each and every season. They earned only $5,000 per episode in the first season of the show, and will be earning six times that in the third season.
Contract negotiations are still ongoing, and nothing is official yet. The ongoing negotiations will have no effect on season 2, which premieres on July 29th.

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