Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere:Watch Episode 1 Tonight

Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere:Watch Episode 1 Tonight – The second season of the popular MTV reality series “Jersey Shore” promises to bring more drama, more fighting, and more breakups. Fans are ready to start pumping their fists as the world renowned “guidos” and “guidettes” are returning to television after holding out during contract negotiations.

The first season was an unexpected success for the network, and season two can only bring more of what the fans want to see; drama. The second season premieres on Thursday, and will have more drama, more partying, more fights, and more hooking up between the members of the cast. It is hard to imagine how they could have more of everything that made the first season interesting in the first place, but MTV always finds a way to do it better the second time around.
“There’s so much more hookups, make-ups, breakups, the whole nine, and you guys are definitely going to love season two,” Mike Sorrentino said on MTV News.

It will be interesting to see how they are able to up the ante from the first season. Recent reports have stated that the cast members will earn $30,000 per episode during the third season, while they only earned around $10,000 per episode for the first two. Angelina Pivarnick will be replaced by New Jersey native Deena Nicole Cortese in the third season, after choosing to leave the show after the filming of the second season. MTV has yet to confirm the rumors, but the cast have basically confirmed that she will not be returning and will be replaced by a friend of Snooki.

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