Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 5: Watch The Letter Online S02E05

Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 5: Watch The Letter Online S02E05 – Last night Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 5 which was entitled “The Letter” aired on MTV.
If you were fortunate enough to catch last week’s installment-you are fully aware that JWOWW and Snooki tried very hard to write anonymous letter to Sammi detailing all of her cheating boyfriend,Ronnie’s dirty secrets.
“The Letter” focused on the consequences of poor and naive Sammi discovering the painful note.

Here is the recap of the episode:

-Snooki calls her idiotic boyfriend to tell him that she was having fun in Miami hanging with her pals during gay pride week and he throws a fit-so she dumps on the spot and starts a long lasting pity party.
Thank God for friends,right?
The crazy gang went out of their way to be nice to her and to comfort her during this painful period of her life.

-The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D had the brilliant idea of bringing two random girls home for some sexy time when two more ladies who seemed to really respect themselves appeared out of nowhere asking for The Situation. The Situation came up with a far-fetched scheme called Hippopotamus which means:
If there are four girls and three guys and one of the girls is a hippopotamus and she must find some king of occupation while the three couples have sex or discuss the egg recall or Ahmed Sharif’s current predicament.
Anyway the stupid idea worked, so one girl goes to sleep while the guys each left with one hot babe.

-Sammi found the note and confronted Ronnie who denied everything on the list.
The poor girl cried a river without ever getting to know the name of the people behind the letter-nonetheless she decided that it would be wise to dump Ronnie.
Seconds after splitting up with his girl,Ronnie picked up the phone and called another chick so they can eventually hook up.

See you next week for more drama and more laughter.

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