Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 4: Watch Breaking Up Online S02E04

Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 4: Watch Breaking Up Online S02E04 – Jersey Shore season 2 episode 4 called “Breaking Up” aired last night on MTV. This installment of the Jersey Shore was about solidarity between the ladies and the usual feuding of course.
The highly entertaining episode dealt with Snooki and Emilio’s big fight and we learned a bit more about about Sammi and Ronnie’s shaky relationship.
Here is what occurred in the episode:
-Last night was all about Snooki’s boyfriend Emilio who seems to be a real prince charming.
The episode opened with Snooki trying to have a telephone conversation with Emilio who was unable to hear her because he was too occupied in a club full of semi-naked girls.
The non-conversation really pissed her off pushing her to lament on how men are responsible for the growing rate of lesbianism in this country.
She later seeks Sammi’s advice on the matter who jumps on the opportunity to solve her own issues. She wanted to know if Snooki or JWOWW knew anything about Ronnie “f–king her.”
The girls were speechless.
Continuing on with the strange evening, a very drunk Emilio called back to announce some major news telling Snooki, “I f–ked this girl tonight. I’m sorry…I was drunk.”
Snooki replied with “Go f–k yourself. Go f–king die!”and hang up.

The poor bastard called back again and JWOWW threatened to call the cops before totally confusing the idiot by pretending to be an answering machine telling him “You’re a drunk skank with no job….BEEP!”
With that being said Snooki proceeded to celebrate her new single status by breaking plates on the sidewalk- how classy.

Moving on with Sammi and Ronnie who split then made up.
Their reconnection was very short live after JWOWW and Snooki got enough of Sammi’s cheating and decided to do something about it.
The duo wrote an anonymous letter, detailing all of Ronnie’s creepin’ to Sammi that read,
“He put his head inbetween [sic] a cocktail waitresses [sic] breasts.Also was grinding with multiple women.”
Will Sammi finally dumped her man?
Tune in next week to find out.

Here are few hilarious lines from the episode:
“Who is the president of I.F.F.?”
“Which guy in the house would take a dump on my chest?”
“Have you ever cheated?
“She’s wearing her luggage from last year!”
“I don’t like tests,”
“deny, deny, deny.”
“Are you touching me? Stop touching me,”
“You’re on your fu–ing own. You don’t have me or Situation,”
“Now you have zero friends.”
“That’s why I didn’t go to college.” Funny ’cause it’s true, right?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Jersey Shore season 2 episode 4.

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