Jersey Shore Reunion:Ronnie And Sammi Break Up? Still Together?


Jersey Shore Reunion:Ronnie And Sammi Break Up?Still Together? – Jersey Shore season 1 finale aired last night on MTV.The finale was followed by a Jersey Shore Reunion show.Like all reality reunion shows it had a lot of drama,awkwardness and people leaving the set at some point.Viewers were able to see a previously unaired conversation between Sammi Giancola and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino that could hurt the Sammi-Ronnie relationship.Sammi did not seem happy,so she left the set and later came back saying that she had “an emotional breakdown.” So what did we learn? Sammi flirted with “The Cop”,the same night she accused Ronnie of fooling around with Jenni “JWoww” Farley.Ronnie reacted angrily to the footage telling Sammi:

“It really makes no difference to me. I cut girls quicker than barbers do, to be honest with you, so she could be right down the list if she wants. I really don’t care.””You can go to the bathroom and cry now if you want.”

At the end Sammi-Ronnie breakup took place in front of the cameras.That was the main plot of Jersey Shore reunion.We also noticed this deep analysis from The Situation talking about quantity over quality:

“When you’re hungry and you need to eat, whatever is around you’re going to eat, because you’re hungry … I never will go hungry.”

That’s all we have for now on Jersey Shore Reunion:Ronnie And Sammi Break Up.

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