Jersey Shore 2 Preview:Jersey Shore Season 2 Trailer

Jersey Shore 2 Preview:Jersey Shore Season 2 Trailer – Jersey Shore became a cult hit last year after everyone realized just how hilarious the Italian scene on the show was. “We’re ready to come out and destroy this place!,” said Snooki in the recent trailer that was released for the upcoming season. “Jersey Shore” will be officially making its return on July 29. From the looks of the footage, it appears that the crew really stepped it up for the second season.
All of the normal antics are there; the fist pumping, the arguing, the fighting, but this season the trailer shows our favorite party girls and boys taking it to a whole new level. All of the lovable characters will be back this season, despite a recent dispute with MTV over how much they should be paid.

The trailer looks promising. It appears that there will be more drama than ever, as the crew heads to a number of new locations this season to tear up the beach and the bars. It seems that there is less love for Angelina this season. Last season she said that she believed that she was the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island,” before leaving the show in a huff. It will be interesting to see how the cast reacts to her loss this year.
The trailer also shows a number of interesting hookups, and a number of scenes that look as though the cast might actually be getting along. Will “Jersey Shore” be able to create the same buzz that the first season did with their second season? It appears so.

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