Jennifer Lopez SNL 2010 Video

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Jennifer Lopez SNL 2010 Video – Jennifer Lopez took over SNL/ “Saturday Night Live” this weekend where she served both as host and musical guest.So did she deliver doing her double duty or did she just use the hour to promote her upcoming movie and an album? Here is a recap of the episode.

Cold Open : We Are The World 3: With Lopez as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Eddie Vedder, Willie Nelson, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Melissa Ethridge, David Crosby, Santana, Josh were united by Quincy Jones played by Kenan Thompson to make “We Are the World 3: Raising Awareness of the We Are the World 2 Disaster”.The sketch should have been good but the impressions were bad and the jokes were absent.C.

Monologue: Jennifer Lopez had a really short monologue where she talked about evolving from being a single woman with a big entourage to a wife and mother.There were no actual jokes,even Lopez’s chit chat with Dante her former orange juice holder was boring.Why did she spin at the end to show off her figure? Anyway the fake Jennifer Lopez Drag Queen named Annifer Bropez and J.Blow stood out and helped this skit get a B-.
SNL Digital Short: Flags of the World : a good skit about flags where there was a brief mention of Betty White with the “We Love Betty White Flag” and the “Confused Fan of Lost-A Flag”.Samberg deserves some credit for the good job he is doing.

Hollywood Dish: the very confusing skit had J-Lo being interviewed by Wiig and Hader about her latest movie.Nothing was funny about it,even the milkshake joke was a miss.F.

Telemundo on the Olympics : the Winter Olympics provided so much good jokes but none of them were used last night.Instead we had a boring Lopez explaining that people who speak Spanish hate the snow.F.

Undercover Celebrity Boss: was the only really funny skit of the night.The Richard Branson and the Martha Stewart bit were hilarious,CBS should turn this into a real show.B.

Musical Guest: Jennifer Lopez decided to sing her news songs LIVE?!!! What a brave lady anyway her vocals were pitchy ,flat and painful to our ears.Lopez needs more uptempo songs. C-.
Weekend Update: nothing funny was said:
-the YouTube part of the sketch was boring with the constant “Oh here it … oh wait, it’s buffering.”
-The Slim Jims was boring.
– The Tiger Woods joke was fairly successfully.
– We had enough of Governor Paterson jokes
– The “Woman mistakes Matthew Fox for Jorge Garcia” fell flat.

Besos y Lagrimas: which means “Kisses and Tears.” It was OK,Lopez added nothing to it and it pointed out what we already knew,non Spanish speaking people can watch cheesy Spanish soaps and understand everything.The dog was cute though.C+
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Office Puppeteer Love: the comedians gave a bad performance but 50 puppets in my apartment was original.B+.

Smash Mouth in the Closet: with a little girl forever screaming “I don’t want to sing it or it’ll get stuck in your head and you won’t be able to get it out!” Lopez playing her mother tried to explain her that there is nothing wrong with liking the 1990s band and their hit song “All Star.”
Car Horns and More: even if you were drunk ,seeing Lopez selling horns (especially the French and Science ones) would not have entertained you.B-.

Zipco Closet Organizer : a repeat commercial this is still not amusing.

All in all this episode will not be remembered in our book.But after tonight’s episode Jennifer Lopez will be seen as a promotional machine,who should not be singing and still needs to work on her acting skills.This installment proved we no longer need a guest host who appears in nearly every skit, including both musical numbers.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Jennifer Lopez SNL.

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