Jennifer Lopez American Idol Deal Out

Jennifer Lopez American Idol Deal Out – Rumors come, and rumours go. American Idol has always been a part of rumours and gossip since it’s inception.

Since Ellen DeGeneres left her judging seat on the show, there’s been plenty of rumours circulating around as to who will take her place. The favourite was Jennifer Lopez, the scintillating popstar. Steve Tyler was also rumoured to be in the running for the seat, however that appears to still be a rumour.

Jennifer Lopez was on the short list of possible judges, until the show found out how demanding the diva is.

“Her demands got out of hand,” a source said. “Fox had just had enough.”

American Idol has been running for ten years, and it has now hit a period of chaos. Simon Cowell, the creator, executive producer and judge has left the show, seemingly for good, to focus on his other project X Factor. Ellen DeGeneres is gone from the fold completely, and Kara DioGuard is looking like she has judged her last wanna-be idol as well.

Original executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has made a return to the fold, and looks like he wished to get Paula Abdul back into the fold for another season.

After ten seasons though, many shows lose their legs, and it looks like the legs on American Idol may be tiring to a halt unless it can find itself some new talent off the stage.

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