Jennifer Del Rio Banned From Seeing Josh Smith

Thanks to a baby daddy beatdown, Josh Smith the father of the child by Jennifer Del Rio of MTV’s “16 And Pregnant” reality show, has gotten an order of protection against Del Rio who attacked him.

Del Rio is now ordered by the court to stay away from Smith. Originally both had filed for restraining orders however Del Rio for some reason didn’t show up at the court so Smith won by default and Del Rio’s case against him was thrown out.

Del Rio has to stay a minimum of 100 feet from Smith at all times and may not be anywhere near his car or home.

The former couple have twin boys and their sharing of custody sounds like a tricky one as neither is allowed to be within 100 feet of each other.

It fires up the imagination that in order for them to share custody at that distance they’ll have to throw the kids at each other like football passes.

This should be a lesson to Del Rio to meet her obligations in court or she ends up in the unfortunate situation she’s in.

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