Jennifer Bunney Heidi Pratt Reality Show

Jennifer Bunney Heidi Pratt Reality Show – Jennifer Bunney and Heidi Pratt might be teaming up for their own reality show. Just as it looked like the Pratt’s would have the ending that everyone was hoping for on The Hills, it appears that they were able to keep a number of their third party characters in the mix by forcing breakups and paving the road for a new reality show. Heidi Pratt is moving out of her home with Spencer on the Hills into a home with Jennifer Bunney, and the rumor is that the two of them could be receiving their own reality show in the near future.

Bunney was friends with both Heidi Montag and other individuals on the show. She is 25 years old at the moment, and currently studies pre-med as USC . She has been close friends with Lauren Conrad and a number of other individuals on the show. Bunney has claimed that the show made her out to be someone that she was not, and constantly placed her int he backstabber role, only showing events that took place that placed her in a bad light.
“I was portrayed in a really bad light when I was on the show and so was Heidi so we’ve bonded over that. I knew her before The Hills and our friendship and real and we’re real excited about what is next? Montag has reportedly been upset with all of the bad press that her boyfriend Spencer is able to control and is looking to move into a different situation.

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