Jennifer Aniston Cougar Town Cameo With Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston Cougar Town Cameo With Courteney Cox – Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she will be a guest star on the popular television show, “Cougar Town.” She will be working with Courtney Cox for the first time since they starred together on “Friends.” Aniston was able to take her career to the next level after “Friends,” and now she is going back to television to help an old friend. It is a very kind gesture by Aniston, and the move will definitely boost her ratings.

Aniston will reportedly be playing Cox’s shrink named Bonnie. She will reportedly become too involved in Cox’s life, and the relationship between them will become strained. It will be interesting to see how Aniston’s appearance will affect the ratings of the show.

While the show was granted a second season, it has struggled with its ratings since the debut. Cox is looking to make her first real attempt to get back into television stick, and is not above enlisting the help of some old friends to give it a push.
“Cougar Town” first premiered in September 2009. It stars Cox, who has a hard time balancing living with her 18 year old son, and dating younger men. The premise is fairly basic, but it did make for some funny moments throughout the first season. The show can be described as a “comedic drama,” and contains elements of both genres. The show has been compared to “Weeds,” likely because it features a middle-aged single mother.

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