Jaycee Lee Dugard Story On Oprah Winfrey Show?

Jaycee Lee Dugard Story

Jaycee Lee Dugard Story – Jaycee Lee Dugard story to be told on the Oprah Winfrey show? Oprah Winfrey is doing everything in her power to obtain the first interview with Jaycee Dugard, now 29-who was held captive in Lake Tahoe for 18 years.Winfrey told The Insider :

“I want that interview.Like everyone else in this business I have my people working on that. It’s the first time I have ever called up my producers and said, ‘Are we on this story? Because I want that interview!’”

Dugard was 11, when she was kidnapped in 1991 by Phillip Garrido with whom she had two kids.
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