Janelle Evans Pusher: Brittany Maggard Confession

The viral video that showed MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” star Janelle Evans beating up a neighbor has spawned a series of arrests including those of Evans, the woman she fought, and the woman who instigated the fight one Brittany Maggard.

Maggard who isn’t in enough trouble actually got on video and confessed to instigating the brawl that has graphic footage of Evans pounding her neighbor in the face dozens of times leaving bruises and scrapes on the woman’s face.

Maggard herself was arrested and charged with misdemeanor affray actually said she regrets instigating the fight but that she wishes she would have done it of r a better friend.

This entire debacle makes one wonder what is wrong with some people. Not only do they let themselves get caught on video fighting, get arrested, but then get on video admitting to the crime.

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