Jamie Oliver Naked Chef Hates Wife Juliette Jools Norton Cooking

It is not always a good idea to insult your wife’s cooking. However, the “Naked Chef” star Jamie Oliver is apparently above this.

The 35-year-old chef stated that his wife’s culinary skills were nothing short of hideous. His wife has not responded to her husband’s rather severe stance.

Oliver is married to Juliette “Jools” Norton, a former model. He described their marriage as a comedy, stating that they love each other and despise each other at the same time.

Oliver states that this clash often leads the pair to just break into laughter at the times they realize they cannot stand each other.

Yet, Oliver maintains that his 10-year marriage is a strong one. His wife’s cooking may just be one of its rough spots.

Oliver and Norton have four children. Oliver doesn’t want his kids to follow their mother’s path to bad cooking. He remarked that once his children turn 10, they will be putting some serious time and sweat in the kitchen.

He also stated that his wife does not see him as any kind of expert at cooking. Oliver holds that that is precisely what makes their relationship work.

Hopefully, given Norton’s stance, Oliver’s remarks won’t lead to family feud.

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